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BTC Awards CIS

Recognizing the Best

On December 20 this year, Kyiv, the beating heart of Ukraine, will host the first BTC Awards CIS Ceremony in the field of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.
The event will bring together the key Blockchain heroes of 2017 from Central and Eastern Europe.
Guests will have a front row ticket to witness the awards and join in the celebrations.



Having attended dozens of events, meetings, and other ordinary business occasions worldwide, we have been bored with conferences as well as you. Therefore, we are creating a unique platform to recall in private session ups and downs of the outgoing year and discuss plans for the next one.

Dima Gadomsky
Lawyer СЕО Axon Partners (UA)

Vladimir Yumashev
Tax and Legal Department at Deloitte (UA)

Nazar Polyvka
Partner at Axon.Partners (UA)

Artem Afian
Lawyer, managing partner at Juscutum (UA)

Alexander Kokhanovskyy
CEO & Founder, DreamTeam (UA)

Ruslan Gavrilyuk
Co-Founder & President at TaaS (UA)

Michael Chobanyan
Founder Kuna Bitcoin Agency and Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine(UA)

Alexander Momot

Pavel Kravchenko
Founder Distributed Lab (UA)

Alexandr Ivanov
Data scientist, cryptocurrency specialist

    Francisco Cabañas
    Core Team Member of the Monero (CAN)

    Roman Kaufman
    Co-founder IBCG, Co-founder HOQU (RU)

    Andriy Velykyy advisor, managing partner, b1t group founder, crypto consulting Ukraine - founder (UA)

    Oleg Karimov
    Co-founder of, representative of Dash in Belarus (BY)

    Matvey Sivoraksha
    CTO (UA)

    Davit Mrelashvili
    MD, MBA, Core Team - ZenCash Eastern Europe / Russia operations (USA)

    Sergey Kalinin
    Managing Partner of LegalBlockBit Consulting Agency Member of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts (UA)

    Johnny Kartakov
    CEO of Ambisafe Software (UA)

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